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Florian at the ReadyWelcome to I Suck at PvP. As a gamer of 35+ years, I have seen many changes in the video game industry and enjoyed every hour spent behind my screen or TV playing games. In that time I have avoided serious player versus player (PvP) game play in most of my gaming. However, things have changed and I am about to start my journey into the PvP realms, and I would like to invite you along.


My name is Grant, and I started gaming in 1986 at the age of 9 when I received my first Nintendo Entertainment System as a gift. I have been playing video games off and on since that first taste, with my current system of choice being PC gaming. What started with Mario and Zelda, has now morphed into World of Warcraft, SMITE, and the world of Elder Scrolls.

In all this time my emphasis has been on player versus environment (PvE) gaming. I enjoy pitting my skills against the games AI and coming out on top. Story has been a big motivator in my game enjoyment (thank you Final Fantasy series!). To this point I have mostly avoided PvP gaming due to feeling like I SUCK at PvP!


I have noticed in recent years that PvP gaming is starting to encroach almost everywhere in video gaming. Very few newly released titles can afford to be exclusively PvE. Most games now utilize the power of the internet to connect gamers all over the world and the emphasis is shifting from single player to multi-player scenarios. Some of these scenarios are cooperative but most end up being PvP.

I also realized that PvP is coming to embrace a much more diverse spectrum of games. For example if you want to play Magic the Gathering Arena, you will be playing it versus other players. The same can be said for games like Hearthstone. Competition is becoming the name of the game, as seen by the proliferation of e-sports, so I decided it was time to take the plunge and start exploring the world of PvP in all its glory.


I intend to start a journey into the realm of serious PvP gaming. I do not plan to become professional but I do plan to devote my time to the different forms of PvP gaming available out there and hopefully GET GOOD or at least not suck so much! I invite you along on this journey as I take a look at different PvP gaming options, let you know what I like and dislike about the different options, and talk a little about the learning curve and social environment created in these games.

This is the chronicle of my trip down the PvP rabbit hole and I hope you will join me on the journey.

May your matches ever be legendary,

Koa_Florian (Grant)

Founder of I Suck at PvP


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