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This page is dedicated to information about games and reviews on gaming toys. Here I plan to talk about all the different games that can be purchased as well as giving my opinions on peripherals and PC parts that can be used to play these games. Above all I want to use this page to give credit to the wonderful producers of all these great products.

Some Info On the Creators of the Games I Talk About

Blizzard Entertainment is the company responsible for the Starcraft series, Warcraft series, World of Warcraft MMORPG, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm.
Nintendo Co., Ltd. is the company responsible for the Mario Brothers series, Legend of Zelda series, Star Fox, and the Nintendo series of consoles.
Hi-Rez Studios is the company responsible for SMITE and many other games.
Bethesda Game Studios is the company responsible for the Elder Scrolls games and Doom. Along with Zenimax Online, Bethesda also produced the Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG.
Square ENIX is the company responsible for the Final Fantasy series along with many other great games.
Wizards of the Coast is the company responsible for Magic the Gathering and its online presence in Magic the Gathering: Arena.
Activision is the company responsible for the Battlefield series of FPS games.
Riot Games is responsible for the MOBA League of Legends.
Valve Corporation is responsible for the MOBAs DOTA and DOTA 2. They are also the company responsible for the STEAM gaming platform.
Firaxis is the game studio that brought us the Civilization series of simulation games.
Electronic Arts or EA is the company that brought the Sims franchise to gamer’s everywhere. They are also responsible for many sports games including the NBA Jam series. Through Westwood studios EA produced the Command and Conquer series.
Wargaming is the company that provided us with the World of Tanks, Warplanes, and Warships simulation games.
Rare or Rareware has provided us such great titles as Killer Instinct, and RC Pro-Am.
Capcom is best known in PvP circles as the creator of the Street Fighter series of games.
Atari as one of the oldest game production companies is credited with classics like Pong.
Midway Games is notorious for its Mortal Kombat series of fighting games. They were bought out by Warner Bros. Interactive and all new games are produced under the aegis of that company.
NCSOFT brought us one of the more popular MMORPGs in the form of their Guild Wars series.
CCP Games is the company in charge of EVE Online.
Bungie is the creator of the Halo series of games as well as many other gaming favorites like the Destiny series.